The Protomen @ Frequency, Madison

With the world covered in Darkness. So long that no one remembers what Good and Light is like. It is in this society where the evil robots rule. The evil robots that were given life by the evil Dr. Wiley. The Darkness must be vanquished. It must change.. and thus. In the year, 200X, the free thinker Dr. Light created Protoman. The perfect man.

However, the evil was too much for Protoman. He was a great man, but became consumed by the darkness. When Megaman was old enough, Dr. Light sat him down to tell the tale. Of how Protoman had given his life against the evil and it was all for nothing.

Megaman had been locked away in Dr. Light's lab for his entire life. Sheltered and Safe. He gazes out the window and knows of the city's destruction and tyrannous rule. "I must break free of your grasp father. We can't allow my brother's name smeared in the streets. We can't allow evil to continue its reign. I will not make the same mistakes and I will finish what Protoman had started."

Send your armies. There is no man or machine that can stop me for I fight for Protoman. I have come to finish his fight and rid the city of evil.

I know you're trying to understand. You fight to avenge your brother; however, he stands in the shadow of the very man you've come to kill. You fight for him and you fight for the salvation of man.. but you cannot do both. Megaman meets Protoman in a crowd. Mankind is weak and cowardice. They build us to fight for them when not one of them would raise arms on their own. If you fight me, you fight me alone and in front them we will decide their very fates.

If we don't stand together then we stand against each other. Will you fight for a people that will not stand beside you? Will you kill your brother on a fool's errand? They don't deserve their lives. They chant for my blood and my life but not one of them has the courage to do it themselves. You'll kill me for that?

No one saw the blow. The fight was over quicker than lightning, and Protoman had fallen.

I have killed your leader and I will vanquish evil, but Humanity must pay for their weakness for they have made me kill my brother. You call me a hero for killing him, but he is the true hero. He has fought and died for you.

This is the saga of Protoman. A metal/garage rock opera telling this epic tale of courage and loss. Unfortunately their time at the Frequency was way too short and they did not tell the full tale. They played select tracks from their opera, and a few others from their other works. With time running short they busted out Danger Zone for everyone to rock out with.

I did not stay for Fermata nor Les Breastfeeders, which were the real acts of the evening. I had got my money's worth for a short hour of Protomen, and I also bought their two CDs, so off I went to meet up with people at bars.

The Protomen were a lot of fun. ^_^. Check them out on the internet:

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