Anticipating Games

i think all this talk about the next-generation systems is getting a little out of hand. looking at the 3 systems at this point, doesn't really have me interested in any one of them over the other. i'd rather focus primarily on the games.. so, i got to thinking about what games are coming out that i'm interested in.

i thought there were maybe 4 or 5 on the horizon, but i could think of a bit more that i've been waiting for the past number of months.

Chaos Field

The more shooters the better ^_^. O-3 and Sega have confirmed that they are bringing Chaos Field to the states before the end of the year. like most good modern day shooters, it first appeared on the dreamcast and was ported over to the gamecube earlier this year in japan.


Odama sounded like a pretty innovative concept. It's a Real-time Strategy Pinball game. you knock the pinball around the battle field taking out troops, it hopes to aid your comrads in battle. It should be out in Japan before the end of the year, no concrete date though.

Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Legend of Zelda has always been one of my favorite game series. It never ceases to amaze me, and the hype surrounding Twilight Princess sounds very positive. I cannot wait ^_^. unfortunately it'll be quite a while before it comes out.


Playstation 2
We Love Katamari

i love katamari damacy ^_^. even though the sequel doesn't seem to make any drawdropping advancements, sometimes you can't mess with perfection. an $30 expansion is fine with me. it comes out September 7th or 14th.

Shadow of the Collosus

this is game looks magnificent. i've been following it since the first announcement. it's created by the same Sony team that brought us ICO. ICO took a whole new depth to puzzle adventures, and complimented it with an environment that was it's own little world. Now they've taken their simplistic game design approach towards Boss Battles. you fight 15 different collosi in Shadow, each one drastically different than the others. You must use you cunning to figure out how to topple these mammoths. I cannot wait. It is scheduled for release in Japan by September 17th (i think)

Magna Carta

South Korea's answer to Final Fantasy. they game looks fantastic with amazing visuals and art. It has a fairly large fanbase as well, so it can't be that bad. i'd like to see what it's all about. of course, it's a lot easier to find artwork and fanart of the game than information about the game itself. Should come out in November.

Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistance

i loved Metal Gear Solid 3, but i never bought it.. i was weary after MGS2. After renting mgs3, i thought it was magnificient. but.. i didn't buy it because i had already played the hell out of it, and then thought they'd release an Integral/Substance remake in a year or so. Huzzah!

Subsistance's prominent new feature is an online deathmatch mode where you fight people online in levels from the game, and a few new levels too. Should come out in November

Radiata Stories

another rpg that blew me away by the screenshots. it has a more refined cellshading style than Tales of Symphonia where the character really blend into the enviroment, so it actually creates it's own little world, rather than a background with characters walking over it. Should come out in November.

DDR Extreme 2 (Domestic)

even though i've been burned with the last few american ddr releases, i still love the game.. why not be excited for something new with the series. it comes out september 28th or 29th.

Final Fantasy XII

ugh .. i probably will import it, unless Zelda comes out near the same day. i'm not so much looking forward to the game, as i've been paying attention to the news here and there. Should come out next year sometime, probably christmas 2006.

Gameboy Advance
Gunstar Super Heroes

Gunstar Heroes for the Sega Genesis was quite a gem. It boasts great graphics for it's time with difficult and challenging gameplay. Sega and Treasure have gotten back together to bring us back to this time to the Genesis with Gunstar Super Heroes. It features a few advancements in gameplay and levels set in various other Genesis Game settings. It comes out in October for Japan, not sure on the US date.

There you have it .. 11 games that i've been paying attention to and can't wait to get my hands on. though there are a few other games coming out that i either haven't been paying attention to, or haven't really been excited for but will probably like. such as.. Dragonquest VIII on ps2 and Samurai Showdown V on Xbox.

What games are you guys looking forward to in the near or distant future? ^_^