Most-wanted Games

This semester has really flown by.. It seems that just the other day we were beginning school and there were a ton of games coming out on the horizon.. albeit my anticipating games thread from the end of summer:

Everyone of those games that came out and i actually invested time to play has completely satisfied me. Chaos Field is actually pretty involved now that i've figured out how to play it. I had great memories playing We Love Katamari. Shadow of the Collosus was amazing, even though it got too tedious. DDR extreme 2 had some great new songs, but you had to unlock them. and Gunstar Super Heroes was everybit as good as the original.

So what is on the horizon now... what are we all looking forward to in our gaming futures.. lemme see here:

Nintendo Gamecube
Yoot Saito's Odama

Odama was a pretty interesting and innovative concept when i first about it from E3 earlier this year. It's a real-time strategy pinball game, where you use your pinball to destroy the opposing army while you use the Gamecube Microphone to direct your troops to storm the opposing armies gates.

The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

I've been waiting for this game a long long time and everything i hear about it makes me want it more and more. The game looks simply amazing.

Pikmin 2 for cheap

WHEN WHEN WHEN is this game going to go down in price.. so many retailers still have this game in stock but it refuses to go down in price. It's been out for a year and a half and is STILL $50. GO DOWN IN PRICE ALREADY!!

Revolution & Hideo Kojima

Hideo Kojima has announced that he is in love with the revolution and has big big plans in store for console. He says, "..when comparing all of the next-generations consoles.. the PC, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 are really just the same gaming experience. The Revolution is completely different from the other consoles which makes it very excitiing.." Sounds exciting to me.. ^_^

Sony Playstation 2
Metal Gear Solid 3 Subsistence

This is probably my most-wanted Playstation 2 title at the moment. MGS3 completely blew me away with it's amazing story-telling style, well thought out and interesting characters, deep rich enviroments, and excellent gameplay. and recently with it's 39/40 famitsu rating, says that this update makes it near perfect. says it'll come out around mid-march for a cheap $30.

Rogue Galaxy

I really haven't been all that interested in RPGs at the moment. Maybe the reason is because i don't want to be tied down to a tv in order to play them. After playing the Final Fantasy XII demo, i was actually somewhat interesting in playing that game, but good 'ol Level 5 blows FFXII out of the water with Rogue Galaxy. The graphics look amazing, and the gameplay looks very more interactive and fun rather than the stoicism of FFXII. I hope my view on RPGs change in time for this game. ^_^


I've actually been waiting for this game quite a while as well. Okami features cell-shading in a much different direction than traditional games. It presents hand-drawn calligraphy mixed with animation much like Zelda and Viewtiful Joe. Gamespot says it results in a rich, stylized appearance that they've never seen before.. currently, it's projected to come out stateside by May 2006.

In the Groove 2

I've been so burnt out on Dance Dance Revolution. This past weekend i tried playing DDR Extreme Japan but i got so completely bored with it, i couldn't force myself to play it anymore.. my saving grace was In the Groove with it's challenging foot charts, but uninspiring music. But i've had a couple ITG songs in my head over the past couple of weeks, so i always like coming back to it over DDR. My wish is that ITG2 will have amazing music to revitalize dancing games for me, so here's hoping ^_^

Microsoft Xbox 360
Tetris the Grandmaster Ace

Tetris has always been one of my favorites puzzle games and the grandmaster series makes it very difficult to get your way. As you increase in levels, your speed is decreased to compensate for the amount of points you've gotten in the previous level. Tetris the grandmaster has mutliple modes of play as well, including Death Mode where blocks immediately hit the ground with no falling time. There's also an online multiplayer mode for Xbox Live.

I would buy this game immediately if it came out over here because there has not been a good version of Tetris on a console in a long long time, and Grandmaster is quite challenging.

Nintendo DS
Children of Mana

I've always loved the graphical sytle of the Seiken Densetsu series. I love playing Sword of Mana and Legend of Mana, even though it seems others don't.

Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow for less than $30

After hearing so much about this game, and playing through Aria of Sorrow for a second time, i really want to get into this game. But it's so expensive and i don't have a DS either.. sigh. I might need to suck it up and buying it for $35 before it's impossible to find.

Sonic Rush for cheap ^_^

I've heard many good things about this newest 2D Sonic game. Some people say that finally, a true 2D Sonic sequel that brings back all the warm feelings of the Genesis. When i get a DS, this game will definately be in my library.


Every Extend Extra (E3)

This is the spiritual sequel to Rez. Tetsuya Mizuguchi brings his expertise from Lumines and Rez togehter into one musical rhythmic psychadelic package once again. I cannot wait. This will get me to buy a PSP.

I My Me Katarmai (or whatever it's called)

Katamari always spawns a great gaming experience and with their new portable version, the multiplayer aspect has been the main focus. Should be alot of fun ^_^.

Lumines for cheap cheap cheap

I love this game, but it's $40 everywhere i go.. sadness.


well that's all i can think of off the top of my head.. I think there's a game on every platform that i'm looking forward to which makes gaming quite various