Capsule Machine Capsule

I had to escort a student to the Narita Airport in Tokyo so he could fly back to his country. We arrived very early before his flight so he could get a PCR test and be cleared to fly. We walked around while waiting for the results, and I found a pretty amazing sight.

It was a capsule machine that gave out miniature capsule machines! I absolutely had to have this thing. I got some change and turned the crank. My first pull gave me a pack of capsules! Pretty meta. I got a capsule ball full of tiny capsule balls. Well, now I needed to roll again to actually get a machine. My second pull was a success! I got the red version of the machine.

Given all the moving parts of this little capsule machine, it was best to leave everything in its package for later. I said my goodbyes to my student as he got on his flight, and I returned home. At home, I assembled the machine together.

Success! A miniature capsule machine for my shelf.

Now that I had one, I needed to have them all! I searched for the set on the Internet and learned what I could. This particular set was called ガチャガチャマシーン3 (or Gatcha Gatcha Machine 3), and it was released in December 2021. So, it was already out in the wild for 3 months. I learned that you can buy full distributions of some capsule times on Amazon. For Gatcha Gatcha Machine 3 that consisted of 24 capsules, which was 3 complete sets of 8 items: 3 red machines, 3 white machines, 1 pack of capsules, and 1 set of metal shelves. So, the Capsules I had gotten were a 1/8 rare pull. The red machine was a typical 3/8 pull.

I continued searching on Yahoo Auctions to find someone selling the missing items in my set, but most people were selling a full set of 8 or selling the rare pulls for a lot of money. Eh. I gave up. One capsule machine is good enough. :)

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