DS Lite is scarce

so.. about two months ago, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl was released in Japan.. and SINCE then, the DS Lite had become quite scarce. i didn't notice this until someone said they couldn't find them anywhere. i started looking around when i was at various shops, and i, too, could not find a single one anywhere...

strange.. i thought they were in pretty good supply.

Well, the other day, Toys R Us had signs in the front of its store exclaiming that the would have a restock of DS Lites on 11/22. I told various people about it, so they could claim their prize.

Apparently, on the morning of 11/22, there was a massive line in front of Toys R Us waiting to get inside and purchase their very own DS Lite... I went there around 3pm that evening and they were completely out of stock again...

DAAMMNNNN..... the DS Lite is pretty sought after ne!

How are the supply of DS Lites in america?