Brain Age 2 + Rainbow Styli

I love days when I receive packages.. like today for instance.

Today, I got a package from Nintendo, which contained a set of Rainbow Styli for use with the Nintendo DS. As you can see, it comes in a shiny cardboard with the Nintendo Logo on the top. The Styli are pretty high quality too, matching the durability and high quality material featured with the normal Stylus.

Now I've got a Stylus for every day of the week. A warm red Monday.. A soft light blue Tuesday.. A mean yellow Wednesday.. and etcetera.

If you purchased Brain Age 2, YOU TOO can own these slick styli by Registering your software. Just check the insert that came with your game.

Upon registering, you'll be prompted to take a survey.. At least, you SHOULD be prompted. Well, if you aren't just go to this page: In fact, all the instructions are on that page, so there ya go.

Have a deep purple Friday everyone. ^_^

Also, if you were one of those suckers and purchased Big Brain Academy on the Wii, you can do the same thing to receive a Wii-mote key chain that has a black light.