PSP Sales

It seems like everyone is picking up one of those new PSP Slims. I got mine a week and a half ago, and yesterday Tony ordered one of his own. ^_^. But, it looks like we're not the only ones.

Last week, marked the first week the PSP has beaten the DS in a long time, if not ever. But not only did the PSP beat the DS, it beat out all other consoles. and NOT only did it just beat out of the other consoles, but it fricken creamed them by nearly 4 fold.

The PSP generated sales in the 277,000 with the PSP Slims debut week. The week prior, the FFVII PSP sold around 75,000 of its 77,777 units. I guess with the release of FFVII Crisis Core, sales are booming. They've finally got their system seller. source: kotaku

Domestic Releases

Well that's good for Japan, but the PSP is looking very bright fot the month of October here in the states.

On October 9th, Final Fantasy Tactics Lions War is released which is a port/remake of the original Playstation One title.

On October 23rd, Castlevania Dracula X Chronicles is released which is also a port/remake of Rondo no Blood on the MSX. This also contains a port of Symphony of the Night.

These two titles are huge and will definitely bring more people into the PSP area.. In fact, I'm sure these are the two biggest, if not only, reasons Tony finally got a PSP of his own ^_^. These are, like, his two favorite games of all time.

Also in the month of October, Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops Plus is released.. This is an expansion Disc for the original MGSPO, and I think it requires it too.

PSP Life is good

With Final Fantasy Tactics, Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII, the PSP is starting to look VERY VERY nice, and has ample amounts of niche puzzle and rhythm titles too.

That said, I find it ironic that I haven't played my PSP for more than an hour at a time every since I got it. Of course, I've only been playing those niche puzzle and rhythm games I own. Once Halo 3 winds down, I plan on starting Metal Gear Solid, so that'll rack up PSP time. Hopefully, I'll finish that up before Castlevania comes out. ^_^