Capcom's Gamer Day Announcements

Today, Capcom has their Gamer's Day out in London, England and with it several interesting announcements had occurred. One of the biggest announcements was Street Fighter 4.. but that's not really what interested me so much. Actually, the trailer for Streeet Fighter 4 looks pretty slick.. check it out. They also officially announced Apollo Justice, which I'm estactic for, but there's some else that could be interesting.

Good 'ol Lost Planet we see its release on the Playstation 3. This is fantastic news. The Playstation 3 release will include all downloadable content seen on Xbox Live and the PC version of the game.

Why is this fantastic news?

Well, to be honest Lost Planet is a piece of shit. The gameplay is restrictive and gets in the way and the final boss is unbeatable even when you knock his life to 0.. read all about it

Lost Planet coming to Playstation 3 is a gateway. It means that Capcom is developing a Playstation 3 port of their Lost Planet engine, which was initially developed when making Dead Rising.. This engine was made with love from Keiji Inafune's team in the hopes of one day creating a next-gen Megaman adventure game to the tune of Megaman Legends 3. That's why there's all those Megaman references in Dead Rising and Lost Planet.

Making a multi-platform version of their Lost Planet / Dead Rising engine should give them more leverage in pitching the idea of Megaman Legends 3 to the Capcom powers that be. This also means there's a slight hope for a Playstation 3 Dead Rising port.. or at least Dead Rising 2 on both platforms... or whatever they have next on the engine hitting both platforms.


Capcom also announced a new Sci-fi IP titled Dark Void.. so I wonder if that's the next game for this engine.