Sneak King Final Thoughts

On second hand though, Sneak King is so monotonous that it gets tiring really fast.  I liked playing the first level in the saw mill because it was relatively easy, but the later levels have more challenge and the limitations of the gameplay get in your way of completing your missions


After playing the same level of Sneak King over and over, you'll begin to notice that all the people in the level aren't randomly generated.  Everyone is on a specific track starting in a specific spot whenever you load a mission.  Irregardless of where you are in the level, everyone else will begin in the same spot, and usually they'll be hungry at the exact same times.

Even though this is incredibly lazy programming, it makes the game predictable.  You know exact where you have to be at a specific time, and if you screw it up, then do it again.  You don't need to take into account random events as you would in real life.  This really brings the feeling of the game into a game-like atmosphere and you can improve on your score because of this.

This is fine for the first level, where people are predictably hungry when they near hiding places, but the second level flips the paradigm upside down.  Hardly anyone in this level travels near a hiding place, and when they do, they're either not hungry or start too close to the hiding place for you to hide without them seeing you.

They cover for this by making nearly all missions in the second level Stealth based, rather than Surprise based.  But those few that are hiding are nearly impossible to get an A ranking on.  I'm not even sure if it's possible to do so. :/

I just made it to the third level last night, and there's a night and day difference between that and the previous level.  You have a much more open space like at the saw mill, but you have a ton of people that are rarely hungry.  Getting around is tough.

Not enough variety

Like I mentioned in the previous post, nearly all missions are the exact same.  You've got a certain number of BK items to give out to people, and you either do it as fast as possible, or with the highest score possible.  Sometimes they'll give you restrictions like only give to females, or don't perform a flourish..  Annoying things that prevent you from enjoying the game.

Burnt out

After playing this game nearly all Sunday, and then another hour on Monday, I don't think i'll be able to play this game again.  7 hours is all the enjoyment I've gotten out of it, and the only thing that really keeps me going is unlocking more achievements.  I'm pretty close to unlocking a few more.  I've completed around 37 out of 80 missions in the game.  I don't think anyone has played this game that far.  Gage said he played it for about 10 minutes and got bored.

Rate this game

So how do you really rate this game?  It's horrible programmed.. you can't invert neither axis, and the camera angles screw you on occasions..  but.. it's only $4.  You get what you pay for.  $4 is cheaper than nearly all Xbox Live games...  and it really shows.

It's because of that $4 price tag that I definitely recommend the game, but you probably won't get much play out of it.  You'll find the same things hilarious like I did, but then get absolutely bored with nothing else to do in the game.

(and) This is supposed to be the better of the 3 Burger King games.. I wonder if the other ones are actually that bad.  It difficult to screw up a racing game, but bumper cars?  That sounds pretty boring..

Why does this work?

Something else that kinda puzzles me is "Why does this game work?".  Why is the King such a successful mascot that they can make a crappy cheap game on the 360 and have it rise to one of the best selling 360 games of last Christmas season?  Let's face facts.. you're only playing this game because of The King.

Burger King will never reach sales equal to McDonalds, but their marketing plans are great.  2006 was one of their busiest years for marketing.  They had 4 marketing campaigns going on at the same too, which was somewhat confusing.  They Cock Rock pushing those Chicken Fries, The King doing his normal thing, those Office workers pushing the dollar menu, and that one MAN commercial pushing the steak sandwich...  They were pulling out all the stops.

These days, I haven't really seen any burger king commercials.  I occasionally see a crappy McDonalds commercial, and those disgusting Hardees commercials have also made waves on my TV..  I wonder what BK is up to..  Perhaps they're biding their time until the Superbowl again.

Anyways, The King hits the mark at the perfect amount of goofy and bizarre that drives sales in the 18 to 35 demographic, i guess.  Superimposing him into football plays only drives the point home further.


Hopefully Burger King will do some more Xbox related games or downloads in the future.  I think if they went back and refined Sneak King, it could be a great game...  but 80 missions of exactly the same thing is overkill.