PSP and PS3 synergy

I came across some pretty slick news about the PSP and PS3 the other day, coupled with other upcoming news makes for a very amazing media experience. Lately, I've been listening to the 1up Yours podcast and one thing that Shane Bettenhausen mentioned is the following:

Once you sync up your PSP and PS3 together, so they recognize each other and have a happy synergy. When you leave your PS3 turned on and connected to the internet, you can RDC into your PS3 from your PSP from any WiFi connection. You can't play games, but you can access everything else on the dashboard. Your movies, your music, the PSN store.. (paraphrased)

This is fricken amazing, especially coupled with the Audio/Video connectivity of the PSP Slim. You could easily go over to a friend's house, connect to your PS3, and play movies from your PS3 onto your pal's TV.

This gets even better with the recent rumor that the PS3 will have DVR capabilities and a TV Tuner in the future. I could record LOST each week, and then easily watch them with Kyle down in Platteville for him to stay current.

Of course, your connection would have to be premium and stable throughout the transfer.


What's really weird is that the more I listen to the 1up Yours podcast, the more I get excited about the PS3. They talk about the PS3 quite a bit.. like THIS IS the next gen. The don't shove the Xbox under the carpet, but whenever something huge happens with the PS3, they hype the shit out of it.. and honestly, it gets me excited for what's coming on the machine.

Not excited enough that I would rush and get one, though. I mean, there's really no reason to at the moment unless you want to blow your cash on fancy beautiful games with no depth. I'll certainly get one for Metal Gear Solid 4. I'd also love to play Resident Evil 5 on the PS3... but Heavenly Sword? Ratchet & Clank? I'd rent those before ever considering buying..

These next few months will be pretty fun without the PS3 anyhow.. At the end of August, we have Phoenix Wright 3 (Japan), Metroid Prime 3, and Brain Age 2. September, we have the PSP Slim, along with Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core (Japan). October, we have Zelda Phantom Hourglass. November, we have Super Mario Galaxy. I think Nintendo and my backlog of PSP games should keep me busy enough without a PS3.

Also, once I finish playing Lost Planet, I think i'm going to pick up Tenchu Z. I liked the demo quite a bit and would be quite interested in playing an immersive game set in a Japanese environment.


In other spiffy news, my 24 DS Game Wallet pictorial review was featured on the front page of CAG today, highlighting the release of a CAG branded Game Wallet from Penguin United. Good stuff ^_^. It's great to see an accessory maker work so well with an online community.