FFVII Crisis Core PSP & Current Gaming

So today I got a long-awaited package..


Pure proof, that I can spend way too much of video games..


It's the Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core Limited Edition PSP celebrating the release of Final Fantasy VII on the PSP. This is Squaresoft's first RPG on the PSP, and it is making history.. It is also the first PSP Title to ever have a massive line outside of Yodobashi Akihabara the day of its release.

This PSP is limited to a mere 77,777 copies making collectors, fans and video game ethusiasts go nuts. Most retailers sold them at $100 markup..

Included in this fantastic pack is Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core, a buster sword Cellphone strap..




.. and the new slim and lite PSP-2000!


with Final Fantasy VII graphics on the back of it.. looks like I've got number 30,785 out of 77,777.

PSP Slim

I know everyone has already talked about this to death, but I think I'll weigh in a little bit myself.. The new PSP is amazingly light, just like everyone has said. The buttons have been revamped and feel very very fluid.. The don't feel hard and unresponsive like they do on the original.

It feels really really good ^_^.

There's actually a slight difference in the screens.. but only slight. Tony and I powered up both PSPs and set them up for comparison. The new PSP's screen is a bit more crisp, whereas the old PSP's screen is somewhat muddy.


The new PSP is quite nice ^_^..

Gaming in the upcoming week

However, when the hell am I going to find time to start playing games on it? Currently, I'm in the middle of 2 games: Oblivion and Phoenix Wright 3. Since starting Oblivion, I haven't touched Phoenix Wright 3, which is making things difficult. I want to finish up Phoenix Wright 3 and get it out of the way before Halo 3 comes out next week, but I also want to enjoy Phoenix Wright 3.. I find it somewhat annoying that I'm putting so much emotion stock into Halo 3.....

Phoenix Wright 3 is a bit better than its previous game, but it's just as boring.. I really only want to progress through the game to the full grasp of story and finish off that series. I think this weekend, I'm really going to have to power through it, and write my peace on it.

Getting into Oblivion wasn't the greatest idea either... I figured that I would just play it for a couple hours and then stop cold turkey because of how crappy it is.. but unfortunately, it is actually better than I thought, and I'm having fun with it ^_^.

On top of these two games, I want to give Final Fantasy VII a go, and have been waiting to play Metal Gear Solid Portable Ops.. but maybe they'll have to wait. There's a slew of other PSPs games I also want to start playing, too. Check out my PSP shelf..


Not bad, huh? All these games were purchased between $10 and $15, too. See.. I can still be a cheap ass when the opportunity arises. There's still a couple PSP games out there that need to drop in price.. like Parappa, Crush, and Innocent Life.

I'm going to stick to my 2-game policy to prevent myself from burning out. I must beat Phoenix Wright over the weekend to make way for Halo 3 on Tuesday. I think when I'm waiting in line for Halo 3, i'll probably play a little more Brain Age 2.

Anyways, feel free to complain about how much I spend on video games in the comment section. ^_^ I'm going back to Oblivion.