This just in: PSP Slim Data

Kotaku has come across some more details of the PSP Slim

- sharper screen
- smaller screen
- extended battery life
- faster UMD drive for shorter load times
- 8 gigs internal flash memory
- revamped buttons

- no dual analog stick, though
- no touchscreen (like it needs one)
- probably no built-in camera

- official unveiled at E3
- probably around $170
- end-august / september release date

The loading times have been my greatest turn off of the PSP, right behind the fragility of the piece. It never seemed like tugging that piece of equipment around with actually practical.

The other initial problem with the machine were the Games. I think it has gotten to the point where there are some pretty fun games on the system warranting a purchase. Games like:

- Lumines I/II
- Every Extend Extra
- Loco Roco
- Wipeout Pure/Pulse
- Metal Gear Solid OPs
- new Silent Hill
- Final Fantasy VII-2

and also

- Gradius Collection
- Parodius Collection
- IQ Mania
- Valkyrie Profile
- some NIS games
- and that puzzle/rhythm game Tony always talks about

I've been waiting for a reason to pick up a PSP and looks like it's finally arrived.. This is pretty similar to when the DS Lite was announced for me. Day one Japanese purchase.