This day in Nintendo

Nintendo has made some crazy claims
"By the end of the year, you'll have hardcore games"

More release dates continue to come
They paint the pathway to fun

The biggest of dates is Metroid Prime 3
It comes out on August 20

In any other circumstance, i wouldn't care
But come on, man, i'm dying here

Pointing and shooting should be quite fun
But there's more where that came from

June 19th comes Resident Evil 4
Something we haven't seen before <_<

Though, i still have to play it yet
For only $30, i'll take that bet

It comes with the Umbrella Chronicles demo
A rales shooter of Resident Evil

This particular game comes out later this year
Around Thanksgiving or Christmas, I hear

This is a similar situation with Sega
They are porting over Ghost Squad

By the end of the year, this was also be out
More shooting and killing that'll make you shout

There is more than just shooting for the Wii
A fun little game called Adventures of Dewey

I don't really know much of anything
Apparently it's Elebits' second cousin

July 27th in Japan
No idea when it comes to this land

We've also got the NiGHTS sequel
The new Sonic Team has big shoes to fill

Far more soon is Big Brain Academy
But for 50 bucks, fuck me

This comes out the second week of June
Though to pay a 50, you're a fucking loon.

The DS has a great lineup as well
Ouendan 2 just came out, and it's pretty swell

Picross DS is also being released domestic
It's great for curing boredom, it does the trick

I imported this back in March and it's great
July 30th and you'll be over the wait.

Everything else coming out in August
Metriod has plenty of company on host

Brain Age 2 hits the streets of the US
August 20th, Nintendo told the press

Two A plus games will be hitting Japan
The Legend of Zelda and Gyakuten Saiban

August 23 will give us both games
Something clever that rhymes with games (how about 'two titles that coincide with my aims')

Gyakuten Saiban is also known as Phoenix Wright
It contain the full english version out right

I'll certainly pick up Phoenix Wright 3
Zelda will have to wait to come to me

4 Wii and 4 DS games by the end of summer
By the year's end, we got 3 others

11 wonderful games to even the score
Do you think Nintendo is being hardcore?

To recant:

The Wii:
June 11th - Big Brain Academy (Domestic)
June 19th - Resident Evil 4 (Domestic)
July 29th - Dewey's Adventure (Import)
August 20th - Metriod Prime 3 (Domestic)
Quarter 4 - Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Domestic)
Quarter 4 - Dewey's Adventure (Domestic)
Quarter 4 - Ghost Squad (Domestic)
Quarter 4 - NiGHTS (Domestic)
The DS:
Now - Ouendan 2 (Import)
July 30th - Picross DS (Domestic)
August 20th - Brain Age 2 (Domestic)
August 23rd - Phoenix Wright 3 (Import)
August 23rd - Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (Import)
September - Phoenix Wright 3 (Domestic)