Twilight Princess (3)

This weekend, i finally came across Twilight Princess on the Wii for a cheapy price tag, so i picked it up. Thinking back, i'm not really sure why. In the past two months i've started 6 games that i have not finished. These games would be Portrait of Ruin on DS, Final Fantasy XII on PS2, Cooking Mama on DS, Hotel Dusk on DS, Trauma Center on Wii, and Picross DS on DS. I've been playing Picross quite a bit, but the other games are becoming lost causes.. Starting ANOTHER game would be foolish right?

Whatever.. i want a fun Wii game that i can sink time into. I like the Wii quite a bit, but i'm stuck in Trauma Center, and Wii Sports and Wii Play don't really hold my interest. The only other game i play quite a bit on my Wii is Gunstar Heroes, but i'm getting my assed kicked on Level 5.

Anyways.. i bought Wii Twilight Princess and started playing it yesterday. There's a pretty stunning difference between the gamecube version and the wii version of the game, which everyone already knows about. Traditionally Link is a left-handed sword wielder, but the vast majority of earth's population are right-handed sword wielders. Rather than re-code Link's physics or model, they decided to mirror the entire game. In other words, Right is Left and Left is Right. Now link is right-handed... i guess.

I didn't think this would really bother me at all, but i find myself getting lost every now and then when i'm trying to find a house or navigate throughout the world. Dungeons are pretty easy though, since i hadn't spent nearly the amount of time i have in villages or the world overall.

The obvious difference is most certainly the controls. I'm not a big fan of the Wii controls. Aiming with the slingshot, boomerang, etc is FAR better with the Wii-mote, but sword play is way too flexible. On Gamecube Twilight Princess, you just hit the B button to slash and beat up things, but on the Wii you swing the Wii-mote back and forth motion which loses a lot of precision. It's far worse than using an analog PS2 controller for a fighter.. The jousting event took me about half an hour to finally figure out when the sword actually swings when i jerk the Wii-mote to the side. With the Gamecube controller, you hit the button and Link swings the sword right then. Precision is key when you come to events based on timing and the Wii-mote doesn't offer that type of precision. I eventually figured it out, though ^_^

The other thing that annoys me is the lack of camera views in the Wii version. On the Gamecube controller the C-button left and right would move the camera left and right. The C-button up and down would pull and push the camera away from and towards Link. Unless i'm missing it, there is no camera movement in the Wii version at all. I've been using the Z button to correct the camera's placement.

They should've used the D-pad for the view changing, but ended up using that to store weapons. In this way, Link can have 4 total weapons out at once rather than 3 in the Gamecube version. The Wii controller is a little disadvantage for button mapping though. Both controllers have 8 buttons, an analog stick and a D-pad, but the Wii controller lacks that C-button stick on the Gamecube controller. So, rather than code around this problem, it seems that they just omitted camera controls from the game.

Unless i'm missing something.. I'm probably missing something.. maybe you can do Camera control with the B button on the Wii. I dunno.. i'll try that out tonight. oh wait... B button is for items.. i shall consult the instruction manual.

Anyways, I still prefer the Gamecube version of Twilight Princess for a few reasons. 1) It was designed and developed to take advantage of the Gamecube, whereas the Wii is just a port. The whole mirrored world thing is pure proof of that, which removes the traditional left-handed Link. 2) The sword swinging feels too loose, and lacks the precision that a simple button push provides on the Gamecube. and 3) I'm probably bias towards the Gamecube version because i played through it before the Wii version.

I dunno. I think that if i had played the Wii version first, i probably would've liked the feel of the controller better, but be annoyed about the aiming schema. :shrugs: I guess we'll see what happens... It's still the great amazing game you must play if you own a Gamecube or a Wii. Quite possibly the BEST gamecube game ever made. ^_^