Wii Play

Yesterday, Nintendo released a simple game for the Wii with a similar release style as was the case with Wii Sports.

Wii Play is just 9 simple little 'flash' style games that are 'guaranteed' to build your skills using the full capabilities of the Wii-mote.

These 9 games are:
Duck Hunt
Some weird bubble game
Ping Pong
Air Hockey
Cow Racing
Pocket Tanks

There was talk of this game being difficult to find, and it was a nintendo release, so i figured that i should look into picking it up. Part of this rarity stems from the game being packaged with an additional Wii-mote. The game is priced at $50, with a $40 controller.

Anywho, when i got to Best Buy yesterday, they actually quite a large pile of them. I was kinda surprised with the frenzy i've seen about the Wii.

I got home, and started playing through some of the games...

ugh... Each and everyone of these games are shallow, and they don't offer new or innovative gameplay. It's like a bunch of unpolished tech-demos Nintendo scraped off the floor into a bag. I played it for about 2 hours yesterday with my roommates, and i'm honestly bored of it already.

The other problem with this game is it's only 2 player. I probably would've gotten a couple more hours of enjoyment out of this game if they added 4 player support.

Honestly, if you want a bunch of stupid games that test your wii-mote skills buy Rayman. Rayman has about a ba-gillion mini-games which actually require skill, uses the wii-mote is many different ways, has decent graphics, and occasionally is funny.

The only going for Wii Play is that it equates to a $10 game, and comes packaged with another controller for your Wii.

It's hard to pass up though. I think that even if i read this, i'd probably still buy it because, hell... it's $10 for something to play on my Wii and another controller.

:shrugs: oh well....