As I looked at my computer screen while working on little bugs in the system, flakes of snow began to billow in the sky. A cold and soft blanket of what the night would be. After buying some delicious groceries, the blanket thickened as visability dimmed.

The previous snowfall had already begun to melt from the warmth of the past few days. the beautiful white hills sported patches of unsightly brown.

After making dinner, my roommates gathered their things. They were to house sit for the weekend. A virtual mansion out in the countryside. The animals needed feeding, so this was their task. They asked me to join them, and hell... I wasn't going to stay behind alone.

Outside was whitening. A new cover of snow with plenty more falling from the sky. Inside the car we puttered along the highway far slower than the limit. An hour later, we reached our destination in the white wilderness. Our tracks were covered behind us. Its as if there was nothing out there. Like we traveled into the heart of white darkness with a warm lonely mansion at its center. We piled out of the car, and sought refuge inside. The car disappeared in snow as we moved to the doorsteps.

Inside we could only see white snow cover.

whoooo. party! thank god we brought about 100 beers with. we played cards and built a fire and fell asleep.

The morning came and white light crept into the room bit by bit. It had stopped snowing at some point through the night, but it is forcasted to add another equal layer.

so, we're here.. in the white wilderness, feeding their animals and listening to the radio.

I wonder who's gonna go crazy with the axe first.

anywho.. I wrote this on my phone.. :O