Super Mario Galaxy Further thoughts

Today I made my dream come true.. I woke up early for a Sunday, curled up in a blanket and plopped myself on the couch for the better part of the day playing Super Mario Galaxy. Sunlight peering through the blinds, everyone else asleep.. Just me, the whole rest of the day, and my game. Quite relaxing.. and despite not getting anything remotely constructive done, it was so worth it.


The music in Mario Galaxy is rather peculiar. The game makes all attempts to be modernized and cutting edge and the music pushes what you would normally hear in a video game. Many of the main level themes are purely orchestral and very uplifting.. The type of thing you would hear in a major film release or ballad.

These themes are majestic and inspiring... When I enter a world that begins like this, it makes me feel like I'm playing a masterpiece.. I feel like I am the center of attention. The music puts you on such a pedestal, that all my worldly cares disappear, and I am in the game..

Contrary to this, Mario Galaxy also features a fair amount of remixed tracks from the Nintendo and Super Nintendo Mario games.. These are mainly used in more technical and retro style levels or portions of the level. The parts of the game that make you feel like you're playing a video game, rather than exploring the world.

Overall, though, the music is exceptional.


Mario Galaxy is around the perfect length. Currently, I have about 80 stars and 14 hours. 60 stars are required to finish the game, and I could've done that hours ago. But, through taking my time and enjoying myself, 14 hours is probably the average time it would take.

Replay has always been great for Mario games. The amount of hidden stars, hidden levels, and hidden other stuff makes the game twice as long. As with previous Mario games, you need 60 stars to beat the game out of 120 stars total.

Star layout

I'm finding it extremely easy to find all the hidden stuff. Overall, there are 15 actual levels that contain 6 stars each. Each level lays out 3 stars for you. Another star is hidden in one of these 3 layouts. Beyond that you have 2 comet stars. 1 is a purple coin star, where you must collect 100 purple in the level, and the other is a 'status' effect on the world.

This status effect will be one of four different types. Either a speed run, a race against a ghost time, or fighting a boss without getting hurt. The game said there were 4 types, but I haven't run into any ones other than these.

After getting 10 or 15 stars, the 'status' comets will begin to appear, and after you beat the game the purple coin comets begin to appear.

The main levels of the game only account for a total of 90 stars. Through the observatory, you'll find other one-shot levels with stars in them. These are usually really technical platforming puzzles, or some other weird gameplay mechanic. Large boss fights are also one-shots, which usually involve fighting Bowser or Bowser Jr.

Also, hidden throughout the game, are 3 green stars which will open up a few more one-shot worlds. There's also a hidden red star, which will unlock Mario's flight powerup in certain levels.

Hidden is not so hidden

From the layout of the game, finding the "hidden" stuff, really isn't that difficult at all. The game basically hands you 5 out of 6 stars on a plate and the game sometimes hints to you where the "hidden" star is in the world too. At some point, you rescue Luigi and he goes into worlds and finds 3 of the hidden stars for you.

You still need to find the hidden star on your own, but it's really not all that difficult with the linear layout of most levels. Just keep your eyes peeled and always take the path less traveled. Eventually the star or the method to get the star will come clear.

I don't see the next 40 stars I need to complete the game being much trouble at all. I haven't even gone to 5 whole worlds yet.. that's 30 stars right there.


I would say Mario Galaxy is all that difficult.. nor would I say its too easy. I die quite a bit in the game, but it doesn't really keep me from beating levels and killing bosses. I usually die because I fail a challenge that the game presents me.. or I screw something up. The game really gives you a chance to grow against the challenge rather than he hindered by it or bored by it.

I'm never really overwhelmed or underwhelmed with trying to play the game. Of course, I'm only 66% through the full game at the moment.. The real challenges lie at the end of the game and I can't wait to try them out.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, i think Mario Galaxy is excellent. Honestly, I don't think you could make a game that could describe excellence in video gaming better than this. Mario Galaxy works on so many levels, and is the perfect game to reach all demographics, ages, and genders.


Mario does not move me. When I play Mario Galaxy, I feel like I, the player, am center stage.. Not Mario. Mario is just a character, running around worlds collecting stars to save the princess. There is no emotional attachment to anything in the game. It's all about playing the game.. Therefore I feel like my money would be better spent on something else..

:shrugs: i dunno...