Games I buy: DJ Max The Crew Edition

Like most rhythm games that don't include "Guitar Hero" or "Rock Band" in the title, DJ Max has its very niche audience. It's a rhythm based game just like any other, but is exclusive to the PSP, which cuts the audience down even further. It's developed by Korean group Pentavision Entertainment and it's music selection is all dancey electronic songs. Maybe some Hip Hop too. I'm not sure...

Unfortunately, I've skipped the entire DJ Max series. When DJ Max Portable was first released in the fall of 2006, half a year after the American PSP launch, this was my game to buy! But I never got around to it. I finally bought a PSP, but still never got around to buying it. Even when the game finally came out in America, I still didn't buy it for some reason. I just wasn't in the mood, I guess.

In March 2009, they announced that Pentavision was releasing a super deluxe packaged release much like their releases in Korea. So I finally decided that today was the day! It was limited to a mere 125 pieces. My Collector's instinct kicked in and I bought one as soon as they were available.

A month later it finally shipped. And when I got back from Japan, it finally arrived.

This thing is huge. That press release had a picture of the side that made it look like a regular PSP case. There's no way this thing will fit on my shelf. Pfft.

The packaging is really nice though. The material is a hard plastic cardboard. There are embedded magnets on the flap that keep the box sealed shut.

On the inside, everything is nice and snug inside felt-like grooves. Included in The Crew Edition is..

- a 3 disc set of CDs comprising the Soundtrack to DJ Max Fever
- a DJ Max Art book
- a 500 piece puzzle
- a Post Card set
- a Funky Mask
- a DJ Max players card to register high scores online
- a copy of DJ Max Fever signed by the Developers.

Now let's take a look at that last one...

The copy of DJ Max Fever is signed alright, but it's signed on the OUTSIDE of the cellophane. What the hell good does that do me? I can't unwrap the game. It'll render the signature useless! So I still can't play this game I've put off for so long. Aside from that, this box is huge and doesn't fit on my shelf.

I think my money would've been better spent buying all the other versions of the game, rather than an expensive version of a single game that I can't open. At least I can sell it on eBay for a little more than what I bought it for. Which is what I'll probably do in a couple years.