More Metroid Errata

There's a couple other things I'd like to mention concerning Metroid before I drop the subject for a while. I find it somewhat odd that I've had Metroid on the brain so much since the announcement of Metroid Other M. I'm a huge Zelda fan, but I guess I never really considered myself that big of a Metroid fan. I think a lot of that fandom was taken away by Metroid Prime

Metroid Prime Trilogy

I think the Metroid Prime series adds a whole lot of glitz and glamor and takes away from some of the charm and prestige that Metroid garnished on the Super Nintendo. I thought it was nice that they took it a different direction than Legend of Zelda for the transition to 3D, but it felt empty. There was no emotion in the game.

Anyways, I still think Metroid Prime 1 and Metroid Prime 3 are pretty fun games. And I think what makes Metroid Prime 3 so great is the fluid controls of the Wii-mote. So far I think it's one of the best designed games on the Wii.

Luckily!, Nintendo is re-hashing many of their Gamecube classics with Wii-mote / Nunchuck "enhanced" controls. Nintendo has announced that in August, they'll release Metroid Prime Trilogy. A collection of all 3 Metroid Prime games with Wii-controls for a mere $50.

For those of you who missed Metroid Prime 1 or 2, or who loved the new controls of Metroid Prime 3, this is the perfect opportunity to revisit these games and experience the full "story" arc of the Metroid Prime series.

The Emotion of Super Metroid

I think what makes Super Metroid so rich are the emotional moments experienced between Samus and her Metroid hatchling. Samus found the Metroid hatching after traversing the depths of SR388 uncovering a horrible grotesque plot of Metroid mutation. The Metroid hatching thinks of Samus as her mother, and there are a couple moments where this mother/child relation fosters itself into something few games did at that time.

2 years ago, Chad Concelmo of Destructriod wrote an article that focused primarily on this aspect of the game in full detail. It's a great read: The Memory Card .01: The return of Baby Metroid.

Metroid 2 - fan remake

Metroid 2 is probably the most difficult to replay out of any Metroid game. Released in 1992 for the Game Boy, Metroid II has not been officially re-released since its debut. Every Metroid game except Metroid 2 can be played on a modern gaming device. (Unless you discount the DS Lite due to the DSi release) You'd need to find a Gameboy Advance in order to play Metroid 2.

Anyways, Project AM2R has been working on a remake of the game to make it more playable for today's generation.

Here's their most recent trailer:

It looks pretty fantastic. ^_^. Check 'em out at

I wonder how long it'll be before Nintendo shuts them down.

Metal Metroid

The song in the background of that trailer totally reminds me Metroid Metal. Metroid Metal is a group of dudes who've repraised many of the songs throughout the Metroid series in the Metal Rock genre. Their tracks are pretty slick.

Check 'em out @ Metroid Metal dot Com

News!: As you may have noticed from their website, Metroid Metal will be playing Live at the Penny Arcade Expo this year. Spiffy!