I think about video games too much

With the anticipated release of Mass Effect 2 only hours away, I found myself thinking about it on the way home. I was trying to think of a way I could scam Gamestop out of a DLC code for their exclusive weapons and armor. I don't actually care about having the items in the game, but I kinda want that DLC card to complete my edition.

I had already preordered Mass Effect 2 Collector's Edition months ago on Amazon. Plus, I bought a preorder at Best Buy, so I could get their exclusive armor.


But then I thought, "Didn't I order Mass Effect 2 with release day shipping from Amazon? Shouldn't that have shipped already? Shouldn't I have gotten an email about it?" Way back when the Collector's Edition first appeared on amazon I didn't instantly buy it. I was waiting for the ECA to release more Amazon discount codes, or waiting for a discounted Amazon price, rather than the full $70. I thought, "Did I actually forget to go back and actually buy it? Did I never actually order it?"

I was on my way to Gamestop, anyways. I wanted that DLC card. And, as a consolation, I was going to Preorder Yakuza 3 since Gamestop has exclusive DLC for that, too. Ugh.

When I parked my car, I brought up Amazon on my iPhone and checked my open orders and there was nothing! I saw no order for Mass Effect, or any history of ever buying it. Whoops.

Scavenger Mode

The game comes out tomorrow and I don't actually have a Collector's Edition spoken for. So, I tried "preordering" at Gamestop since I was there. Typically, Gamestop will only let you preorder games up until the week before its release. They won't let you preorder a game that comes out the next day because they already have all their copies in stock. You'd essentially be buying someone else's copy. Which would be the same if anywhere let me preorder it at this point.

But I thought, "eh, fuck it. Perhaps the employees aren't keen on this fact." Unfortunately they were keen. And, in addition, Gamestop discontinued the preorder of Mass Effect 2 Collector's Edition a mere 3 weeks after its availability in the system. I just stuck with my preorder of Yakuza 3.

Best Buy was taking preorders, so that was my next stop. Even though, I had already preordered the game through Best Buy, I was pretty sure it was the regular edition I laid out $5 for. I checked the place to see if they were stupid enough to leave out all their preorder boxes, and they were not. All the boxes had been removed from the shelf.

In fact, now that I'm at home, I actually preordered the PC version by mistake. At the time I bought it, they must've already removed all their boxes for the Xbox 360 version. Which would go along with Gamestop's story of only preordering the game for 3 weeks.

I stopped off at Toys R Us to see if they were offering preorders. They would definitely be ignorant to the point of forgetting something like that. But they were not offering.


Unfortunately, those were really my only choices to turn to in the real world. I don't think any other retailer in Madison would carry the Collector's Edition; let alone, not be knowledgeable enough for me to prey on. So, the Internet is my final recluse.

Amazon no longer accepts orders. Though, some sellers have theirs available for $110. Best Buy dot Com has no availability. GameStop dot Com doesn't accept my credit card anymore. Plus, they're out too. Doing a Shopping Search on Google gives retailers who are either sold out, or very shady.

There's a bunch of dudes on eBay selling their copies, and one particular dude selling his for $90 w/ free shipping. An extra $20 isn't TOOO bad. Plus, I sold the Collector's Edition DLC from Dragon Age for $40. I could probably do the same and walk away with a $50 game. Eh, fuck it. I've wasted more money on less before. Besides, my Paypal Account has enough money to cover the whole thing.


Further Investigation

After being in my head for this whole venture, which lasted about an hour, I went back to Amazon dot Com (this time on my computer). I went around in my order explorer and actually found my order for Mass Effect 2. Apparently it didn't show up in my future or past orders because it's in the "now shipping" order queue. It can't be changed or modified because they're currently putting it together to ship.

The estimated arrival date is January 26th, though. I don't know how they plan on getting that package to my apartment tomorrow, if they're still busy putting it in a box, right now.

As a result of all this nonsense, I find myself with an extra copy of the Collector's Edition. I'll probably just turn around and put it back on eBay. Someone will probably buy it for $100.

Still no DLC card from Gamestop. :/

I think I need something better to do with my evenings...