Spring is the new Fall

As I peer over at my library of video games, there are very few that I have purchased that were released in 2009. I bought a couple games such as Retro Game Challenge, KORG DS-10, Pokemon Platinum, Street Fighter IV, Katamari Forever, Dragon Age, Raiden IV, and Metroid Prime Trilogy but that's really it. There were only 8 games from last year that I felt were worth owning.

Edit: I also bought Flower and Wipeout HD Fury which were PSN titles. And that 3D Picross game for the Japanese DS. So that brings the total to 11.

Don't get me wrong, 2009 had some great games, but many of which I finished in the span of a weekend and felt finished with them afterward. I rented them through GameFly and just sent them back after completion. Katamari and Dragon Age were exceptions to that... Of course, there are still many I haven't gotten around to playing, yet.

2010 is looking very bright to me.  There are many games coming in the next 5 months I can't wait to play. There are as follows...

January 26th - Mass Effect 2 - Xbox 360
February 16th - Ace Attorney Investigations: Edgeworth - Nintendo DS
February 16th - KORG DS-10 Plus - Nintendo DS
February 23rd - Heavy Rain - Playstation 3
March 9th - Final Fantasy XIII - Playstation 3
March 14th - Pokemon Heart Gold / Soul Silver - Nintendo DS
March 16th - Dragon Age Awakening (expansion) - Xbox 360
March 22nd - Yakuza 3 - Playstation 3
May 11th - 3D Dot Game Heroes - Playstation 3

There's 9 games on the list already, and that doesn't include Dead Rising 2, Epic Mickey, Sin and Punishment 2, Metroid Other M, Ghostwire (that Augmented Reality ghost game on the DSi), Death Smiles and any other shmup that may be released in North America.

Also, I'll probably pick up a Nintendo DSi XL when those are released. My Nintendo DS has been beaten incredibly hard and the touchscreen cannot be calibrated for accuracy anymore. It has served me well these past 4 years, but games like Ouedan and Trauma Center are unplayable.

And with KORG DS-10 Plus and Ghostwire actually making use of the DSi features, it should be worth it. Plus, there's all those downloadable puzzle games. ^_^ And there's that pile of unplayed DS games sitting on my shelf, as well.

Video Games!