Not again

I once had a dream where I was a child. As a child, my one possession was a Red Balloon. It was an awesome balloon. It was the world to me.

One day, I trotted along the road with my lovely Red Balloon, and I came upon a sad clown. He was alone, crying and without possessions. He saw my balloon, and he wanted it.

I saw that he was sad and was a clown, so I offered him my balloon. He face ignited with glee. He was so happy. He took grasp of the string which kept the Balloon near the Earth, and was delighted.

With the Red Balloon in hand, he loosened his grasp and let the Balloon escape our company. In the air it rose and fluttered.

The clown's gaze turned from the Balloon back to me. And he punched me in the face and stole my wallet. Clowns are assholes.