Schlock for Sale Restock

While in Florida this past weekend, Justin gave me a bunch of Anime that was crowding his shelves. He had a whole lot of unfinished series. Mostly the first two or three volumes. Rather than spend the extra money to complete series that he probably wasn't going to watch anyways, he handed them over to me.

And here they are.. (I also found 2 super cheap copies of DDR Ultramix 3 on Xbox while down there)

Everything seen here can be found on expect for Robotech and Evangelion. Those 9 Robotech DVDs will appear as a set on ebay in the next few days. While those Evangelion DVDs probably won't sell online at all. You can find those at my local Half Priced Books after tomorrow afternoon.

If you're interested in any of these, you can find them on on the following link: I'm so close to a reputation of 200! I have a bunch of other crap laying around that I want to put on ebay, but they probably won't appear until August when I get some more stuff from my parent's house.

This whole ebay thing has been working out pretty great since I started almost 10 months ago. I still have stuff to sell, but almost all of the big stuff has been sold. You'd think I'd have a lot more money to show for everything I've sold, but I've pretty much spent it all. ^_^

The bulk of my purchases have been spent of this:

I finally bought the turntable of my dreams. And with it, vinyl versions of my favorite albums and discovering some old classics. I think it was definitely a worth while trade off. ^_^