ALT Lesson Plans

Collected on this page are lesson plans and materials I've created and used as an ALT teaching English to elementary schools in Japan. The ideas to create these lessons have come from a variety of sources, such as Englipedia, other ALTs and teachers, recommended lesson plans, Gifu published lesson plans, predecessor's plans, that Team Teaching Pizza book, and other random sources. Sometimes I get an original idea, too.

Each of these lessons are written in advance of the class, and discussed with the homeroom teacher so we can effectively team teach our class. It's always good to get a second opinion ahead of class, too, to fix any terrible ideas, or to fully realize an idea I haven't thought all the way through.

I began writing these plans at the start of my second year as the job warranted. Select different years below.

1年生 Classes

Self Introduction and Name Tags

平成27 Year - Lesson Plan / Flashcards


平成27 Year - Lesson Plan / Flashcards