PAX: Mortal Kombat v. DC Hands On

While wondering around, Five and I came across the Midway booth, which had several kiosks of Mortal Kombat v. DC ready for play.  Each game had 10 playable characters: 5 MK characters and 5 DC characters.  On the Mortal Kombat side, you could fight as Scorpion, Subzero, Shang Tsung, Kitana, and...  someone else.  Maybe Liu Kang.  For DC, you could choose Superman, Batman, Cat Woman, The Flash or The Joker.

Nearly everyone playing choose a DC character.  That makes sense though.  The DC characters are new to the franchise, whereas Scorpion and Subzero have been there since the beginning.  We want to try out new things, rather than simply win the fight.

I was tempted to choose Superman, but I fought as The Flash since he seemed more my style of fighting character.  Fast quick flurry of moves, and ease of getting into combat and fleeing quickly.  Five choose Kitana, who no one really used at all.  Equal Opportunity!

After a heated awkward battle, I barely won after learning a neat move or two.

There really isn't much to say about MK v. DC other than, yes, it is definitely Mortal Kombat.  When fighting as The Flash, it felt like another move-set for an MK character, but with Superhero-like moves.  I think they did a great job pulling the DC Superheroes into the Mortal Kombat universe...  other than the exception that any character can defeat Superman.  I think that's bullshit, but you can't have a DC game without Superman.  Oh well.

Anyways, it was pretty fun. ^_^  Once again, it reminds me of playing fighting games back at the SPAMM haus.  There were those couple of months we played Mortal Kombat V on the Gamecube.  It'll make a great addition to any circle of friend's nightly gaming session.  But, for me, I think I'll stick with Soul Caliber IV.  Mortal Kombat does not compare to the depth and artistic quality of Soul Caliber.

It should be noted that Mortal Kombat v. DC will be released for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 sometime this fall.  Gamefaqs says mid-November.