The Day after Yesterday

Yesterday the Upper Midwest had a spectacular blizzard. The storm extended itself to Madison, WI, but the temperatures were much higher in our region than the North. It was a beautiful warm winter day at 40 degrees. Around 2:30pm, it started raining and continued to rain until 8pm when the rain turned to snow. What could have been snow accomulation turned into an inch of ice beneath the 5 or 6 inches that continued into the night.

Oh well, we were still dumped on.

I had nothing to do today. I was free to sit inside in my warm apartment and play video games all day. Until I remembered a very special video game was released today! The Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Super Mario All-Stars for the Wii!

The Gamestop on State St. is not that far away. And so my adventure began!

Capitol Square looked beautiful underneath ice, sleet, and snow. The inside was especially radiant today.
"Every direction is West when you're on the East Pole" - quote by Dave Larson

I eventually made my way to Gamestop. I asked for the game, and they asked if I had a reservation. typical. As it turns out, Nintendo actually meant what they said about these being Limited Edition. Gamestop only received enough copies to cover their reservations.

But what Luck! The clerk informed me that not 5 minutes before I walked in the door, some person canceled their reservation, leaving them with a single extra copy for sale!


Today is a pretty perfect winter day. A beautiful cold blanket of snow outside. A warm apartment. And a brand new Super Nintendo game!

(Though, I've really just spent all day playing Pac Man Chapionship Edition DX)