Valentine's Day Snow

Takayama is a city up in the mountains of central Japan. We get plenty of snow throughout the year. This year is a little different, though. When I arrived last year, it seemed like it snowed every single day. Sometimes it snowed just a little bit. Other days, it would snow all day long.

This year, there's been a few days where it seemed like the snow would never stop. On Valentine's day this year, it snowed continuously for a day and a half. I went outside a few times to shovel snow away from my car and parking space.

Also, snow in Takayama is a little different than it is in Wisconsin. Takayama is completely surrounded by mountains. They are an excellent deterrent for the wind. When it snows, the snowflakes glide straight down to the ground and fall flat. It's very peaceful, and beautiful, unlike Wisconsin. While snow is still beautiful in Wisconsin, there's no natural barrier for the wind, so when it snows, the wind shoves it into your face. The wind freezes the roads, and basically ruins everything.

When it snows in Takayama, it's like living in a snow globe.

On this Friday, I went to my Japanese class, and took some pictures along the way.

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