Tomodachi Life - Fashion Catalog

Last week, Nintendo released Tomodachi Life on the Nintendo 3DS in the US. It's a life simulation game which you create, or import Miis on your island, and they all live together, make friends with each other, marry each other, and have children. :) Also, you give your Mii presents, and feed them, which makes their happiness meter go up. They gain levels this way. Each new level awards them with a special gift, either a catch phrase, a song, or some kind of permanent present.

The entertainment of the game is creating a bunch of Miis of your friends, or celebrities, and having them all interact with each other.

For example, the female Matt Rorey (of Giant Bomb) had feelings for Batman, so she confessed her love. But then Samus broke in and confessed her love. Batman chose Samus, and eventually they got married. Matt Rorey eventually got over Batman when Shaq O'Neil confessed his love for her. A few days later Matt Rorey asked Shaq for marriage, and he said yes. :)

Here's some of the Miis at their wedding. There's Jesse Pinkman, me, Miyamoto, Tyrion Lannister, Alex Nevarro (of Giant Bomb), Batman, Weird Al, and Mr. Bean.

QR Codes

A really nice feature of Tomodachi Life is being able to share your Mii across the Internet using a QR Code. Through the menus in the game, you can generate a code for yourself, and others can import you in their game. It only imports my likeness, and settings. I can't actually interact with anyone. But the Miis basically just do whatever they want anyway.

Here's my Mii, if you'd like me in your game:

Additionally, Nintendo has created some special Miis based on celebrities you can import into your game with custom backgrounds, and clothes. There's Christina Aguilera, Shaquille O'Neal, Debby Ryan, Shaun White, and Zendaya. You can find those codes here.

Japanese Special Miis

It's been over a year since its release in Japan. I figured that they did something similar with the Japanese release. It took me a while to find any official Miis for the game, but eventually I found this website.

A few months after the Japanese release in April 2013, Club Nintendo released a book called Tomodachi Collection - Fashion Catalog. It's 88 pages of custom Miis showing off various clothing items you can collect in the game. Here's the official page.

Since I wanted a ton of Miis, I went through an imported each one. They each have gold pants, too! But, all of them have Japanese names, which my US game won't pronounce. Since they're special, I can't edit them either.

Additionally, I have no idea who they are. Are all these Miis based on Japanese celebrities? Or are they athletes. I don't know, so I'm gonna go through each one and write up my findings.


Well, it didn't take too long after searching for these characters to realize they're all made up.

Unlike the celebrity Miis on Nintendo of America's website, these characters were specifically made up for this catalog. Throughout the catalog, the Miis show off all these clothes. Every clothing item in the catalog is attached to the Mii character, so when you import them into your game, you get all their items. But, then you're stuck with this Mii.

None of this works in the US version of the game. When you import the Mii, you're given the stock Mii character and none of their items. So, they're really pointless, unless you want to expand the Mii population of game quickly. Also, since they're special, if you delete them, you cannot reimport them. Maybe in the future, Nintendo will patch the game for these Miis to work. But even so, I've already imported them, so I've already ruined that chance.

All in all, there's very little use to actually importing these characters in your America game. But, here's all the codes if you want a bunch of gold panted Miis in your game:

I dunno. I might still try to get a copy of the catalog just for novelty sake.