Car Wash Graveyard

This past weekend, I drove around within the concentrated areas of Kiyomi. I was looking for some areas marked on a mark that apparently no longer existed. And I happen to come across the following:

...a car wash graveyard!

In the middle of this farming neighborhood were 15 derelict car washing units, along with spare parts and a few other various gas station related machinery. It was so weird to see so many of these things organized in one place. Especially since there are only 2 gas stations in all of Kiyomi.

I was about to get a closer look at some of the machinery when I noticed a fairly large spider nestled in the cloth of the scrubbing unit thing.

Anyway, I thought this was a rather weird thing to come across. I guess the actual junk yard didn't have any room, or some gas station chain in another village needed extra space to dump their used car washes. I dunno.

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