Arrival - Dual Language Subtitles

Arrival is one of my favorite films of all time. Its ideas of language learning and development significant struck me because deal with the differences of language and culture on a daily basis in my life and my work living in a foreign country.

I wrote about these ideas before, and how they inspired me to talk about them to my junior high school classes at the time. You can read them here: Arrival thoughts from February 2017.

This year, once again, I'm using this film in my classes to talk about language and learning. My high school class will watch the whole film, and try to understand how the idea of environment and thinking determines the language that society speaks.

The purpose of the assignment is to understand the ideas the film discusses and not focus so much on the direct translation of what is said. Therefore, I needed Japanese subtitles for the film. English subtitles are pretty easy to find online, but almost every other language is a mixed-bag of low quality machine generated garbage. Japanese subtitles even moreso because of how distant it is from English.

So, I created a subtitle file that has both English and Japanese, timed perfectly with each other, and each line of dialogue having complete sentences and meaning side-by-side.

drive/ Arrival.2016.1080p.BluRay.x264-[YTS.AG].EnJpDual.ass

I didn't completely translate it myself. I found some Japanese subtitles already created. But, it had several errors and several timings were wrong. All of those problems have been fixed and timed perfectly with the English script.

The subtitles are in ASS format because SRT does not support dual languages. ASS overwrites size and color, so you'll need to modify the file if you want to change any of that. Although, the size is specifically set for some long sentences to fit perfectly, so I would recommend not enlarging them.