Projects & Works

Collected on this page are several projects and creative works I've done throughout the years.

Arrival - Dual Language Subtitles

In order to show one of my favorite movies to a class at school, I made some dual language subtitles for Arrival. There is English at the bottom and Japanese on top.

The subtitles are timed to show each quote with the same information during the same time frame.

Gifu Kendo Exam Question Workbook

In Gifu prefecture 岐阜県 when taking a dan level examination for kendo 剣道, one of the components is a written test. The Gifu Kendo Federation provides a book which details all the questions and answers they use for this test.

I will take the test in November, and unfortunately for me, it's all in Japanese. So, I translated the book into English, and then made a few edits with a kendo dictionary after.

Currently, this is a work in progress. I've completely translated the first 3 parts. But for the 4th part of the book, I only translated the shodan 初段 level questions for now. I'll do the rest after November.