Projects & Works

Collected on this page are several projects and creative works I've done throughout the years.

Pokemon Go Raid Counters (updated)

Which Pokemon are the best raid counters in Pokemon GO? This page displays the best megas, shadows, and regular counters for every possible raid boss and displays individual DPS and TDO information.

All data was calculated using the raw data from Pokemon Go on the backend.

Analogue Pocket - Curated Games

This a visual database of all the games I have curated for the Analogue Pocket. This data was intended to be used to create Playlists, but it can still serve its intended purpose as a webpage.

Sort by platform and genre to view all of the games that I think are worth playing on all classic hardware available for the Analogue Pocket.

Video Game Collection

This is a visual database of all the games I have purchased and collected over the years of gaming. I've done this most of my life, so I've amassed quite a collection.

I've always wanted a way to keep track of everything I own, and I recently had the inspiration to my ideas into life.

Analogue Pocket Extras

This is a collection of files and instructions to add more games and capabilities to some cores that are available on the Analogue Pocket.

This doesn't include any actual core code. Files included in the release should be applied to cores you have already downloaded. MRAs are included for games, but games themselves can be acquired from using updaters.

Analogue Pocket Platform Images

This is a complete set of Images and Overrides that covers all currently released cores for the Analogue Pocket.

Images for arcade games are inspired by the original marquee images used for the arcade cabinet. Images for consoles, handhelds, and computers are show the shape and contours of the console. If you like what you see, download and install them on your Pocket today!

Analogue Pocket Utils

This is a collection of Java programs and shell scripts that I've written to help me manage, organize, and create games and data for the Analogue Pocket.

This includes creating Arcade Roms, organizing Platform information, creating Library Images, and organizing core and game information in a database. Eventually that data could be used to create Library data and playlists.

Shiny Pokemon Inventory

I have caught many Shiny Pokemon while streaming Let's Go Eevee and Pokemon Legends Arceus on Twitch. I've also caught many Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Go. I made visual checklists for Let's Go and Legends to use on Twitch, but now I've also made a checklist for Pokemon Go.

With these Checklists combined, I created an overall shiny checklist across all Pokemon games to see which Pokemon I have yet to catch Shiny. You can see my progress here.

Pokemon Go Unown Availability

This page lists out all of the events where Unown had been available in Pokemon Go. It shows which Letters are the rarest and which events you could find them in.

It also shows which Unown I have left to catch since I use this page to figure out how I can obtain them.

Schlock Bot

Everyone in stuck indoors thanks to the pandemic, so why not try playing some video games on the Internet? I've started streaming games on Twitch, and every good Twitch channel needs some robots to help them out.

Schlock Bot is a program that runs chats commands on Twitch and Discord while I'm streaming with games for guessing Pokemon and taking bets on my Shiny Hunts!