Projects & Works

Collected on this page are several projects and creative works I've done throughout the years.

The Secret of Crystania

The Secret of Crystania is a full-length feature fandub project that I, Tony, Zach, Niehaus, and overall 25 members of SPAMM, our college anime club, created and finished almost 8 years ago, now. We completely stripped the audio from the movie, and rewrote it from the ground up with a written script, voice acting, sound effects recording, new music, and a DVD release.

Production started in late 2004, and was completed in Spring 2006. Recently in December 2013, Zach and Tony completed the "Donut of Power Edition" DVD, so feel free to take a look.

DJ Promo #3

Last year, I DJed at a friend's party and made a couple of DJ Promos to commemorate and practice for the occassion.

With 2 months spacing my two previous mixes apart, I figured that I would continue to make a new promo every 2 months. That fell through when I didn't have internet for 3 months and wanted to download and use some new favorites, rather than the stuff I already had downloaded. And then I got a new laptop, and had to reinstall and transfer things over to that. And I was playing Skyrim every day for 6 hours in the month of December, too.

So, I skipped December, and here we are in February :)

DJ Promos

I've been a fan of electronic music for well over a decade. And I continue to listen to the music, both new and old, almost all day long. I'm always finding some new tracks, or great new artists I hadn't heard of before. The Internet continues to bring the world of music together, and people can easily display their works, get feedback, and evolve fast.

I have always had the fascination of putting together DJ mixes, and performing in front of a crowd, and for friends. It was too cost prohibitive back in the day. But my friends finally convinced me to give it a go. I already had collected a bunch of my favorite tracks I've heard over the years, and a whole bunch of new ones. I downloaded Traktor, and started mixing them together.

I made two DJ promos leading up to my friends annual end of summer party, where I was in charge of the music.

I love Ramen!

Out of all the foods in the world, Ramen stands as one of my top 5 favorites. I love the stuff. It's an entire full meal in itself. The noodle are the main "meaty" course. The broth provides an excellent complementary base for the noodles. And there's little bits of veggies, eggs or meat for variety.

Here are two things I created to pay my respects to the amazing food. One is a collage made from my experimenting with the many kinds of instant ramen available at my local asian foods store. The second is a rhyming peom I made for my Japanese history class I took while studying abroad.