Projects & Works

Collected on this page are several projects and creative works I've done throughout the years.

Analogue Pocket Platform Images

This is a complete set of Images and Overrides that covers all currently released cores for the Analogue Pocket.

Images for arcade games are inspired by the original marquee images used for the arcade cabinet. Images for consoles, handhelds, and computers are show the shape and contours of the console. If you like what you see, download and install them on your Pocket today!

Rom Hack Custom Box Art

With the release of the Super Nintendo Mini and hakchi updated to add your own ROMs, there are a number of great Translations, Rom Hacks, and other games for the Super Nintendo that I've been playing lately. Since the Super Nintendo Mini displays everything in a visual way, every game needs a box art. So, I've made custom graphics for these games.

Oktoberfest Label Magnets

My absolutely favorite kind of beer is Oktoberfest. Last year, I got the idea from my brother to remove the labels and create refrigerator magnets.

This year, I doubled my efforts searching for new beers in Minnesota and Chicago. As such, I've doubled my collection of beer magnets to 52.

SPAMM T-Shirt 2012

I drew a new design for this year's SPAMM t-shirt. The theme, as always, was to incorporate the annually elected mascot into the design somehow. The 2012 mascot were two cats from some anime I've never heard of, or care about.

This is the first design I've done since 2006, so take a look!

I love Ramen!

Out of all the foods in the world, Ramen stands as one of my top 5 favorites. I love the stuff. It's an entire full meal in itself. The noodle are the main "meaty" course. The broth provides an excellent complementary base for the noodles. And there's little bits of veggies, eggs or meat for variety.

Here are two things I created to pay my respects to the amazing food. One is a collage made from my experimenting with the many kinds of instant ramen available at my local asian foods store. The second is a rhyming peom I made for my Japanese history class I took while studying abroad.