Projects & Works

Collected on this page are several projects and creative works I've done throughout the years.

DJ Promo #3

Last year, I DJed at a friend's party and made a couple of DJ Promos to commemorate and practice for the occassion.

With 2 months spacing my two previous mixes apart, I figured that I would continue to make a new promo every 2 months. That fell through when I didn't have internet for 3 months and wanted to download and use some new favorites, rather than the stuff I already had downloaded. And then I got a new laptop, and had to reinstall and transfer things over to that. And I was playing Skyrim every day for 6 hours in the month of December, too.

So, I skipped December, and here we are in February :)

DJ Promos

I've been a fan of electronic music for well over a decade. And I continue to listen to the music, both new and old, almost all day long. I'm always finding some new tracks, or great new artists I hadn't heard of before. The Internet continues to bring the world of music together, and people can easily display their works, get feedback, and evolve fast.

I have always had the fascination of putting together DJ mixes, and performing in front of a crowd, and for friends. It was too cost prohibitive back in the day. But my friends finally convinced me to give it a go. I already had collected a bunch of my favorite tracks I've heard over the years, and a whole bunch of new ones. I downloaded Traktor, and started mixing them together.

I made two DJ promos leading up to my friends annual end of summer party, where I was in charge of the music.