Cards Against Humanity PAX East Additions

Last week, I just received most of the latest additions to Cards Against Humanity. Some of these came out of PAX East, and the others followed a month or two afterward. The updates include the following:

2012 Holiday Pack
2013 Holiday Pack
90s Nostalgia Pack
Pwnmeal 2014 PAX East Cards
Crabs Adjust Humidity vol. 3

The 90s packs were available at PAX East, but are now available for everyone on the Cards Against Humanity website, along with the 2012 and 2013 Holiday Packs. The Crabs vol. 3 set can be purchased from the Vampire Squid website along with the previous volumes. The Pwnmeal cards on the other hand…


With the recent explosion of food products advertised to gamers as "Extreme Gamer Fuel," Max Tempkin, the co-creator of Cards Against Humanity, and current boss, had a twitter conversation about its ridiculousness with his friends. This turned into a back-and-forth about dumb names for foods they haven't come up with yet. When the topic of extreme oatmeal was introduced, Max had an idea that he could not stop himself from completing.

On April 12th, at PAX East in Boston, Max unveiled PWNMeal at the Giant Bomb Panel.

Cards Against Humanity created 150,000 package of PWNMeal, and gave them out to as many people as they could at PAX East. Each PAX East swag bag included one pouch of PWNMeal.

There are 4 different flavors of PWNMeal: Strawberries and Carnage, No Scope Headshot Blueberry, MOBAnana Bread, and Cinnamon K/D Ratioatmeal. And they were complete with a prize inside!

Each PWNMeal package contains 10 cards for Cards Against Humanity: 8 white cards, and 2 black cards, of which there are a total of 27 different cards.

I bought a few packages from eBay after PAX East had finished. I think I paid about $10 for each package.

Here's the distribution of cards I received from the 5 packs:

I'm still missing 4 cards: #12, #17, #22, and #25. Unlike the PAX Prime 2013 cards, these seem pretty evenly distributed. Seems like the first 10 are common. The second 10 are slightly less common, but not too bad. I think I just got unlucky with the black cards.

There are still some unfunny PAX memes and inside jokes, but for the most part, these cards aren't too bad. There are some good additions. :)


With these new additions, I own the following official expansions:

An original set of Cards Against Humanity (I'm not sure which version)
The First, Second, Third, and Fourth (Official) Expansions
The Holiday 2012, Holiday 2013, Box, and 90s Nostalgia Packs
The PAX East 2013, PAX Prime 2013, and PAX East 2014 PWNMeal Packs

And the following unofficial expansions:

The UK Expansion (Bootleg - read about it here: February 10th, 2014)
and.. Crabs Adjust Humidity volumes One, Two, and Three.

Now, my Bigger Blacker Box is 100% full. That expansion box holds all of my blank cards. I think I'm going to need to buy a second box to store some cards.


There are still 4 official release from Cards Against Humanity that I'm missing: The Canada Conversion Set, the Reject Pack, the House of Cards pack, and the PAX East 2014 Panel Packs.

Canada Conversion Set is a small set of cards included with the Canadian version of the game. Rather than create a completely separate Canadian version of the game, the creators simply released the same version of the game for Canada, but added a small pack of localized cards that were Canada specific. I don't think these cards are marked in anyway. Plus they're Canada specific, so they aren't that funny to me. It's not really worth it for me to buy it.

The Reject Pack is a small package of several cards rejected from the original release of the game. Each card was selected by one of the creators of the game, and features a drawing of their portrait at the bottom of the card. These packs were given away at fan events. Sometimes they were given to people with corrected orders. They show up on eBay every now and then, but sell for $100.

Update: Actually, some retailers are selling these on amazon for $10. I bought two packs from one of the sellers. It's possible that they're bootleg, though.

House of Cards Pack was something I totally and completely missed. Netflix and Cards joined together and released a pack of cards based of the House of Cards television program available on Netflix. This happened in January (or February) this year. There are some on eBay, but sell for $60.

PAX East 2014 Panel Packs: In addition to the PWNMeal cards at PAX East, the creators of Cards Against Humanity performed another crazy feat of marketing. They held a panel on Saturday, and during the panel the audience suggested cards to the panelists. The top 10 cards were compiled, and sent to a print-shop. They were completed overnight, and handed out to the attendees the following day. Around 200 of these cards were made, and only given to those who attended the panel.

Quality over Quantity

As they say, with so many cards, it can difficult to have some quality sessions of Cards Against Humanity. Some of those Crabs cards just aren't funny, and don't really work in most situations. The next time I get a chance to play with friends, I'm going to start separating the shitty useless cards into a separate pile. Hence the need for a second black box. :)