Daily Work and Ramen

So many assignments and projects that must be done! But, it's still early in the week, and I've got plenty of time to do everything. I plan to jet over to Madison tomorrow to do some banking, but I can't stay there for too long. I gotta get back and get stuff done!

Today for lunch, I filled up with Samyang Brand Sogokimyun Ramen


This stuff ended up just like the previous Samyang Ramen... Sludge. I added a little more water this time, but still, it ended up in sludge. Although, it was very tasty sludge. Pretty good, in fact. It had a very robust strong flavor. Not all THAT great, but pretty good. 3 1/2 out of 5 stars.

BUT! After that, I had Sapporo Ichiban Brand Kitsune Japanese Style Noodle with Fried Bean Curd & Soup Base.


This stuff... I can't began to describe this stuff. It began looking promising. But, the hint of beef in the seasoning prepared me for a runny meat texture. Cooking the stuff wasn't so bad. The noodles were shaped into a square, but not in a manufactured way, like the Maruchan stuff. The noodles were fatter than regular noodles, too. They seemed to be randomly arranged, but broke apart in the boiling water nicely.

Inside, with the soup base, there was a chunk of fried bean curd. I'm not very judgey when it comes to food, so I threw it all in the dish. I don't konw if it was supposed to break apart in the water, but it did not. It stayed together as one big chunk while it cooked and even after. Actually, looking at the wrapper, maybe I'm supposed to cut it out. Oops. I put the whole thing in my mouth and took a bite. *BARF* Ugh. I can't desribe how terrible this stuff tasted. I think the closest taste I could compare it to is vomit. At least, that's exactly how my mouth tasted after I spit it into the garbage. Maybe it's better when cut?? DO NOT eat that thing whole.

Even after that, the ramen did have that runny beef texture I had prepared for. The noodles were really good, though. I give this one a 2 1/2 out of 5 stars. Sapporo Ichiban has potential, but I don't know why they keep fucking up. There must be an excellent Ichiban Ramen combination out there. This will be my future goal when I return to the Asian market.