Ramen Catchup

After finally getting caught up with everything in my school life, I started cooking up some of the ramen that I acquired over the weekend.

First off, I made Nong Shim Brand Neoguri Udon Noodle Soup Seafood & Spicy.


This was a dish I had made before, but I didn't grade it. I think I fucked up making it or something. They are supposed to be udon noodles, so making them in the microwave is a bit tricky. It takes a lot longer for the noodles to absorb the boiling water and soften. Now, it's no longer a problem for me because I'm using a stovetop. Cooking ramen over heat is the absolute best way to get the best taste out of the instant noodles.

This stuff was quite good this time. I don't remember how it ended up last time. Probably, the noodles were still hard and tasted funny. Not this time, though. The noodles absorbed the water and seasoning beautifully, and tasted so delicious. The soup was also quite delicious. The perfect blend of spice, veggies, and egg. No ramen sludge. I give Nong Shim's Seafood & Spicy Udon Noodles a perfect 5 out of 5 stars. Extremely delicious! And extemely recommended.


Next up, to counter the Korean excellent, I went with the instant bowled Nissin Brand UFO Yakisoba Oriental Noodle w/ Soup Base.

Yes, UFO as in Unidentified Flying Object, as spelling out on the cover. I don't get it, but this stuff was certainly NOT out of this world.

It's not possible to make Yakisoba how it was illustrated on the cover. It can only end up being noodles with yakisoba flavoring. And the yakisoba flavoring tasted like runny meat. It wasn't as bad as that Ichiban Yakisoba, though. This stuff didn't have that crappy taste, and it pulled itself together a little bit. Someone who actually liked yakisoba would proably like it. I give UFO Yakisoba a 3 1/2 out of 5 stars. I don't think it's possible to make a truly good instant Yakisoba.


And finally, last week sometime, I made Myojo Brand Udon Japanese Style Noodles with Crab Flavor.

Speaking of noodles you can't possibly translate into an instant meal, udon noodles will never turn out how they are supposed to. Completely absorbent of their seasoning and meat products soaked in the soup. I tried to boil them longer with the soup base in the broth, but it just doesn't work.

None the less, this stuff didn't turn out too bad. I find it really odd how well eggs break up in the soup base when making these refrigerated instant meals. It's really weird. Also weird, this stuff tasted nothing like crab. It tasted more like that Chicken flavor in the Maruchan brand ramen. Next time I make this stuff, I certainly must add in that immitation crab they sell at my local grocer. That'll prove to be a delicious meal. But, in the mean time, Myogo Udon Noodles gets a 2 1/2 out of 5 stars. Better luck next time.