Analogue Pocket - Curated Games

The Analogue Pocket is an amazing device with almost 100 cores that recreate original gaming hardware for arcade games, home console games, handhelds, and computers. With so many options for hardware, the number of playable games easily exceeds 10,000. There are so many that people often ask for recommendations

As new cores are released, I tend to go through the games and pick out games that I think would be fun to play or classics that I absolutely loved while growing up. I've been keeping track of these games by organizing them into genre folders on the pocket, and then making a database using Pocket Utils.

Eventually, I was going to use this data to make playlists. But, it seems like this feature will never come to openFPGA. Well, I can still publish this database on a webpage so people can view it. If playlists do come to openFPGA, people could download them from here, too. :)

Curated Games List