Gamecube - Odama

so today, i decided to check out K-marts video game selection since i heard there were some deals.. unfortunately i was misinformed, but they did have Odama which was supposed to come out on wednesday, so i figured i should grab it since i was there.

Odama is a real-time strategy pinball game. The point of each level is to command your troops across the battlefield transporting the Ninten Bell from your end to the gate at the enemy's end. You command the troops using the gamecube microphone which is included ^_^. "press forward", "advance", "move left", "fall back" are all phrases spoken into the microphone to guide your army.

those commands are spoken while controlling the Odama, a gigantic ball rolling across the battlefield flattening both friend and foe. You have flippers on your side to knock it around the field.

most objects in the field have to be taken out in order for your army to advance.

So far i've only played it for a 1/2 hour before getting back to homework, and i really enjoy it ^_^. It is very challenging since you must be accurate with the Odama to knock over certain houses to gain items, or hit buildings that'll turn into bridges.

Doing two things at once is challenging enough, but to keep track of how much of your army is dying in battle and making sure your pinball does get lost adds complex natures to both your tasks.

"luckily, by the end of this game you'll be a god at pinball"

it might be easier to have one person control the troops, and the other control the odama, but probably not as fun.

definately worth a look ^_^. i'm debating whether or not to bring it to SPAMM tomorrow.

it's $50 at k-mart which is a bit pricey. This will probably be one of those games that'll have a short print and then disappear, so i don't regret the $50. Though, i'll probably do a little switch with best buy since they have a $5 coupon for this week.