Cyberpunk 2077

Three year after its original release, Cyberpunk 2077 has finally become the game it was meant to be from the start. The 2.0 update brings a complete rewrite of progression through leveling, equipment, and other systems. Graphics have been updated for modern consoles and PCs. And a new expansion adds a new story that expands the life of Night City.

Night City is the setting of Cyberpunk, a sprawling multi-leveled metropolis. Depending on where you visit, it can be many things. It's a dark, dank, depressing slum festering with gangs, addicts, and trash. It's a futuristic neon haven vibrant with youth and life. It's a posh urban center of business and industry. It's a crime ridden war zone with constant shoot outs between cops and gangs.

No matter where you go, the city is dense. Many citizens live in massive mega buildings that act as their own cities. Stores and other places of interest are often on different levels forcing you traverse Night City's maze of verticality. Streets and highways bend and elevate to different areas. The native GPS in the game is a necessity.

Sprawling out from its dense centers, the outer edges of Night City has oil fields, solar collectors, and farm protected by greenhouses to sustain the massive amount of resources that fuel the city and its people. Small poor neighborhoods also grow on some pockets. Even further away are the badlands, a rocky desert where little grows and dust storms are common. There are also huge trash fields.

Cyberpunk depicts a future where many of us think we're headed. Urban centers continue to collect more and more people, and the surrounding environment is ravaged of its resources to sustain them. Singular corporations rule the city and retain most of the wealth, which bleeds its citizens of their lives and dreams.

This is where the story begins as you play as V.

- - - - -

With the new update, I started a new character to see what the game now has to offer, and it's keeping my attention much more than before. I've been streaming it here and there, and taking plenty of photos along the way. I'll keep adding more photos as I continue.

Eventually, I'll start up the DLC, too.

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