September Harvest Moon

Today I drove around Furukawa for a little while in the early evening. On my way back to Takayama, the moon was like a glorious bright beacon in the darkening sky. It looked amazing. So, I took a few photos.

Apparently, this is some kind of goddamn super moon. Which is what happens when the moon is the closest to the Earth on its orbit, and also happens to be a full or new moon, too. This is also known as the Harvest Moon, because it's a full moon nearest the Autumnal Equinox, or September 22nd.

Update: I took these photos yesterday on September 8th. Today (Sept 9th), there's absolutely no moon in the sky. It's damn near pitch black outside. It's a very eerie contrast considering the radiance witnessed last night by the moon. The moon disappeared. :(

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