Takayama (from Kita-yama)

I live in Takayama, Gifu, Japan. It's one of the center-most places in Japan, and on the west-end of Japan's most major mountain range. The municipality of Takayama makes it the largest city in Japan based on land area. 9 years ago, it absorbed many of the neighboring villages in a governmental restructuring. Many of these villages are nothing but mountainous forested wilderness with pockets of neighborhoods.

Takayama has about 90,000 residents. Of that population, about 65,000 live in the central Takayama City, which is where I live.

I live at the northeastern base of one of the more prominent mountains in Takayama, Kita-yama. At least, I think that's the name. From my apartment, when I walk into the center of town, whether it be for drinking, or taking the train elsewhere, I have to go around the mountain one way or the other.

Recently, I've been taking a different route. The path that leads straight up the mountain, and back down the other side. It's much faster saving about 5 minutes. And it's great exercise, too. :)

From Kita-yama, you have a great view of the entire downtown area. Every time I walk past this amazing view, I can't help but take photos, even though they're the same ones I've taken several times before.

So, here you are. There are photos I've taken from the early morning, mid-day, the evening, the sunset, and at night.

Downtown Takayama

(These are all panoramic shots, too, so you can click on them and get the full image to zoom in closer.)









Near, the center of the city are a few landmarks that are easy to recognize.

In these two close-ups you can see the gate of Hachiman Shrine. That's on the left end of the image. On the right side, the square building with the triangle expanse shooting into the sky is Takayama City Hall. It's where all the government in Takayama operates.

Between the two, landmarks is a white rectangular building. That's one of the elementary schools I teach at, Nishi ES. It actually has very few students. Which may seem a bit weird being near the center of town, but there are a few other elementary schools nearby that cover the larger areas. It's just stuck in the middle.

Anyway, here they are in the morning, before the work day, and in the evening after.



The Sunset

And here's the sun setting over the west end of town.




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