Kamioka Castle 神岡城

North of Takayama, in the City of Hida, there is Kamioka Town. It's one of my favorite places in the Hida region. It's a small town of about 10,000 residents sandwiched in a valley between two mountains.

In the entire Hida region, I think it's the only place that has a standing castle. There are plenty of castles in Gifu prefecture. And Takayama has a former castle site, where you can hike. Furukawa has a former castle site, too. But, I'm pretty sure, Kamioka Castle in the only standing castle in the Hida region.

Kamioka Castle is located on the top of the one of the hills (or mountains) in town, and overlooks the entire downtown area. It's right next to the Kamioka junior high school. The castle area has 3 attractions.

神岡城 - There's the castle itself: Kamioka Castle.

鉱山資料館 / こうざん しりょうかん - There's the building you first see when you enter the area. And where you buy the tickets, too. It's the Mining Museum.

旧松葉家 / ふるまつばいえ - And there's a old style farm house entitled the Old Matsuba House.

One ticket buys you entry to all 3 buildings. But, I was really interested in the castle.

Kamioka Castle



According to the internet, the original castle was built in 1554 by Yamagata Masakage. It stood for over 100 years until the shogunate passed a law saying a daimyo may only have one castle in their ruling domain. The castle was rebuilt in 1970 as the structure it is today.

It's not a very big castle, and I think most people would argue that the 460 sticker price is not worth it. Inside, you can find some artifacts, as well as several samurai armor on display. I think it's okay for a day trip, and you have a great view. :)

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